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Emma is brilliant. So positive and realistic. She really helped me lose weight and get fit and her sensible goal orientated approach enabled me to get a PB marathon time, knocking 45 minutes off my previous and 20 minutes off my PB
She is always freshening things up so sessions are interesting and diverse and is constantly encouraging and able to answer queries, between sessions.

1-on-1 Client

I’ve never had a PT before and Emma has really set the bar high. I really look forward to our sessions each week and in particular the boxing and battle ropes! Emma really took the time to get to know me, my habits, my goals and my workout preferences, so that she could tailor a program unique to me. Her positivity and daily check-ins to boost my motivation have really have helped keep me on track. I’m so pleased with my results so far!

1-on-1 Client

Now I'm training with Emma, I'm actually sticking to a nutritional plan and not tying to cut corners or cheat. Emma is great at keeping me on tracking and lifting my spirits if I'm a bit meh. At times I struggle to get motivated, but with extra energy levels I'm nearly wanting to go for a run”

Online Client

I had some serious pelvic floor issues after having kids, I’d put on weight and wanted to get fit again. Emma set me a program that built up my strength steadily and now I’m running again. She’s so positive and a joy to be around. I love the encouraging texts and menu suggestions. Not to mention her getting me hooked on boxing. Thanks Emma! Xx

1-on-1 Client

Training 1-1 with Emma was so much fun. She has such a great attitude to fitness and is amazing at gauging how far she can push you. With the 1-1 sessions Emma can ensure your posture and stance are correct so that you get the most out of each exercise.
We are now training online due to living too far away, and Emma is so supportive. She sends videos of new exercises, and is always at the end of the phone if I need anything clarified. I’m loving my Duckett Fitness journey

1-on-1 Client

Emma made training a complete pleasure! She tailored workouts perfectly to my specific needs, making sure I was pushing myself and gaining fitness without overstretching me time wise or physically.
I had never had a personal trainer before, so was nervous about the whole thing, but Emma made the sessions fun and engaging. She is a gregarious and empathetic person and I would recommend her 100%

1-on-1 Client

Emma Duckett is just the best. She’s thorough, gets results, is fully engaged and very sensitive to your individual needs and goals. She trained me after I’d had four hernia operations and my fitness and confidence grew immeasurably after my sessions with her. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her. She’s a fabulous personal trainer...

1-on-1 Client

Emma is absolutely brilliant! She takes the time to listen to you and understand your needs and then really tailors the programme to you. The workouts are fun (as is she!) and I could start to see results within 2 weeks. On top of being a great personal trainer, Emma is a lovely person that makes every moment enjoyable!

1-on-1 Client

I hired Emma as my personal trainer back in 2018, I don’t know if I had any initial goal to be honest but I knew I wanted to get fitter. I’m a makeup artist and I need my body to be able to lift and transfer a lot of kit in short spaces of time very quickly.
Emma taught me how to use my body to gain strength and flexibility. She also listened to past injury concerns and restrictions which was important to me.
Emma was also amazingly patient as due to the nature of my work some of the workouts I couldn’t do in the required space of time. The only reason I stopped working with her was because I got pregnant and felt horrific at the best of times! One of my favourite things about working with Emma was her personality. She’s not a drill sergeant, she’s patient and does things with humour and good nature.

1-on-1 Client

I started training with Emma in August after meeting two different personal trainers with whom I really didn’t feel a connection. Emma was super lovely from day one and always made me feel comfortable, like I was training with a friend. Since then I not only have seen differences in my body but in my mind as well! Training with Emma helps me let out the stress from my daily routine whilst having fun and continuing the journey for my weight loss. She is so much fun, very kind and very patient as well, she really helps me stay on track with my trainings and is a tremendous help on my nutrition as well. she helps me stay focused and inspired! Would definitely recommend Emma to anyone looking for a PT. :)

1-on-1 Client

Emma has been incredible in the last few months- she worked with me at my pace which is so important postnatally. The exercises made me stronger, improved my back pain and gave me energy to play with my baby- despite the sleepless nights! I also found that spending time with Emma made me happier, we talked and shared life together which has been amazing mentally as well as physically. Totally recommend!!!! All the best Emma!

1-on-1 Client

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