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The initial consultation is for the client and trainer to discuss their clients goals and reasons for wanting Personal Training. Together, we will set specific, clear targets whether it be weight loss, improving mental and/or physical wellbeing, improvement in cardio, increased strength, muscle mass, general toning, flexibility, we can achieve it.

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Face to face sessions that offer you a tailored made fitness programme suited to your ability, your interests and what you enjoy and attention and focus on good form and technique whilst executing exercises. I have a range of equipment that not only keeps you challenged but keeps the sessions fresh and keeps you having fun! Additionally, I will take a week's food diary and offer you ways to tailor the way you like to eat, in order to hit your goals! You will get regular fitness tests and receive a complete postural analysis throughout our time together to see how you're improving.

from £45 per session


As per the Individual sessions but for multiple people in a single session.
Please note we do ask that you are all of a similar ability and fitness level, this will allows us to utilise the time we have effectively for all of you.

£60 per session (2 people)

£80 per session (4 people)


A fuller programme, including 24 hour support, progress photos, weekly fitness schedule, daily motivation, weekly check ins, 4-6 week cycle fitness programmes, videos of exercises, sleep analysis, daily weight tracking, macro breakdown and more! All just £65 per week (6 week minimum booking required). This programme can be combined with biweekly/monthly face to face sessions for those wanting to check form and get reassurance in-between weeks/sessions.

from £65 per week


I will work with you to guide you safely through your pregnancy and into motherhood, creating a safe and effective programme for you to maintain fitness and make time for you.

from £45 per session

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